Pinterest Wednesday

Pinterest Wednesday

I have been dreaming of a new pantry. I wake up in the morning and peep one eye open, looking around, thinking maybe, just maybe, it has come true. When I walk down the steps there will be a new pantry waiting for me.

Nope. Just my tiny, disorganized, awkward shelf closet that calls itself a pantry. One day I will have it, and it will have glass containers that are labeled, contain only healthy whole foods and no ugly packaging (ha, ha!).

Dream with me people!

Side note, is it just me, or does the last pin look like a party house?? I think it is a pantry only filled with goodies!

Source: via Francoise on Pinterest



  1. Blond Duck says:

    I would love a gigantic pantry!

  2. Love organization! These look fantastic. I think I want them all.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I wish my pantry looked half as stocked and pretty as these. I love, love, love The House Of Smith pantry. One day…one day… :) Lovely pins girl.


  4. Marie says:

    That last pantry is right up my alley. I have such a sweet tooth today! :-) I love the pantry with the green background, so organized!

  5. thu says:

    great pins! we are renovating our home and I can’t wait to organize my first pantry too ;)

    Stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to leave a comment, check out mines when you have time!

  6. Ashleigh says:

    I love how everything is so organized :)

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