DIY Picture Frame Molding

DIY Picture Frame Molding

We’ve begun our first HUGE project in our new house! We decided to “fancy-up” our dining room with some picture frame molding and a chair rail – DIY style. This is our first project using major power tools too, holy cow, a lot of firsts!

Remember this “before” shot from the dresser makeover? Well here is the new and improved entry wall!

We still have to finish the molding, install toe molding, and paint everything white – but isn’t the progress beautiful?

We started with this thin baseboard and decided it had to be beefed up. First we scoured the area where the paint and the baseboard met – the fresh paint held on tight, so be sure to do this so you don’t rip it off the wall!

Then we measured and cut the new baseboard and installed it with finishing nails.

Better already!

We used pre-made picture frame molding squares. These are a bit more expensive, but we are newbies and the cut and measure thing so we decided that saving $5 a square was worth it for the more perfect look. We decided on placement and used painters tape to hold them in place while nailing.

We created little templates to use so we could be sure that the spacing was all consistent – just decide how much space you want and cut a piece of extra trim to use. This saves tons of time and brain power. Believe me, after listening to the air compressor and saw going inside the house I could barely think.

We made the spacing consistent between the baseboard and the chair rails, but you can do this any way you please! Honestly we did a lot of taping-up and standing-back, then re-doing it. Tape first, nail later!

There is SO much more to do on this project but I wanted to share the progress with you! Stay tuned for the final dining room reveal and a peak at our new dining room furniture!

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  1. Kristin C. says:

    This looks great! Where did you find the pre-made picture moldings? I don’t think I’ve ever seen those before and they would look great (and easy) in my living room =)

    • V says:

      Thanks Kristin!! We got our’s at Lowes – just happened on them one day. I would assume most home improvement stores have them, but I have never checked before! They were in the baseboard aisle. Here is a link to something similar, although the ones we got were not “plastic” like the description says, more of like an MDF type thing… but maybe that is plastic, no clue! : )

      Lowe’s Panel Trim

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